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May 29, 2009


This post is a place for me to drop into a list all the things I would like to have. It's a place of yearning and dreams and goals. I'd ideally like for this post to be a page in my site, but as I'm merely using Blogger to host this blog, it's got limitations. Seriously, someone help me redesign/host this blog.

Beautiful Draper Stripe bedding by Dwell. I would sleep so blissfully if I had a bed like this. The lovely country stripes and calming blue feel like home to me.

O dear. I've been very productive today. As in, looking at products. Lots of them.

    This bag this bag this bag please please please. This bag would eliminate the need for twelve of my other bags. And I would be stylish, and it would last forever because it's leather. Italian leather.

    This notebook by Muji.

    This Blind Pilot album for some sweet acoustic listening for this summer, on repeat in my scorching hot apartment. Recommended by a friend who's been doing a Song a Day on Facebook Notes. He's got good taste.

    A fan might be nice. Bidding now.

    Speakers might be nice. Something small that i can put up on the shelf above the windows...

    A vacation here.

    This cute jumper from Brooklyn Industries.

    Every single piece of jewelry in this woman's Etsy shop. I want to grow up to be this kind of elegant.

Anywho, I'd like to start with a I came across this and thought I'd make my own checklist places of where I'd like to be kissed by my boyfriend. Not on my body, silly - actual world locations!

    in the pouring tropical rain
    in a treehouse that we built
    on a ferris wheel on a cool day
    on a grassy hill, preferably in Ireland
    over a white picket fence
    during a picnic on a small boatjavascript:void(0)
    in a blanket fort
    through a cab window


  1. i saw this on a blog and i made a checklist too!

  2. The bedding is yarn dyed, so it's SO SO SO soft. It's my favorite bedding I have. But, I used to work for dwell so I got it for free, otherwise I would have never been able to afford it!