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June 21, 2006


For my friend's band,

Holga Photography

Hey y'all, here's a few of my first lomoographs. Please forgive my lack of scanning-negatives skills - i didn't have a negative holder at my disposal.

June 15, 2006

No 1. Until I Learn How to Code...

This will be my online portfolio for the time being.
How shall I introduce myself..My mom is Japanese, my dad is Vietnamese. They wanted to give their children names that could be translated in both languages. Maichi, the first accident (joke), means plum blossom (branch). She's a gentle soul, you'd like her. Mica, my baby sister, is beautiful song/ singing bird. She's got musical talent, you should meet her. My name means beautiful orchid: i'm not sure what that makes me, but that's how my name came to be Milan.

I'm unbelievably finishing my third year as a Design student at UCDavis. Unbelievable because I graduate in less than a year, even more unbelievable because I don't feel prepared for the so-called real world at all I feel as though my portfolio lacks necessary elements for employment which would lead to a successful career. So here I am, a walking work-in progress, creating a blogfolio open for criticism, feedback, general comments, general love, or anything of any nature.

A little bit more about me:
1. Good food is my best friend.
You know how the sun is clinically proven to improve health and states of being, or how studies show that autistic people tend to have a strong connection to The Beatles music, or how religiously people start their day with coffee? It's like that for me, except food is my sun, my Beatles, my coffee.

2. People say I'm introverted, but I live for good company.

I'm a firm believer in that a person will attract the kind of person that they themselves present. If i were an a-hole, I'll probably have a-hole friends. Of course each individual to his own, but on the wider spectrum, I'm no a-hole.

3. In any given conversation, I may or may not attempt to combine two words in one.

My mind does it by default, I don't know why. It's like i'm a word robot. A wobot. A rurd.... wobot.