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September 23, 2012

Kurt Vonnegut's Advice on Storytelling

Kurt Vonnegut's advice on telling stories, worth the short listen via Brain Pickings

September 19, 2012

Two Weekends

The past two weekends were rejuvenating in their own ways. Last weekend we drove up to Tahoe and mellowed out in a cabin with our good friends Glenn and Marita. (By mellow, I mean easy, not narcotically). The weekend before that J and I drove to Napa and indulged to the max, wining and dining our faces off in Yountville in honor of our first year of marriage.

We're typically not big on anniversaries, in fact, when the anniversary of our first date came around, I told Jason that if we "do" anniversaries he better not forget even once, otherwise we probably shouldn't celebrate at all. I'm not very good with disappointment :) He committed, and I still have trouble remembering if it's on the 4th or the 6th or the 9th.

We love sharing "firsts". This was our first year of experiencing marriage, and boy, this year was full of 'em! We decided to go all out and we ended up adding to our list. Here are photos of some of the moments between indulgent meals and beeeeeautiful Napa and Tahoe summer weather. Note that the first 5 photos are from Jetsetter website of the luxury boutique North Block Hotel where we stayed. Highly recommended if you're feeling splurgy.

Sergey Shapiro Lettering Artist

Found him on Instagram and have been kind of obsessed with his work ever since.  See Sergey Shapiro's website for the full beast: