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August 27, 2009

Sneak Peek

A lil preview of what some friends and I have been working on. I'm really pumped to be working on a project that I care about again. Nothing is better than doing something (or someone, ha!) that you love. Sorry that was vulgar.

This quote from Confucius has been echoing in my mind as I work on this project -- " Find a job that you love and you'll never work a day in your life."

We should take more walks...

[Along the sideboards of my living room.]

[I don't know where I got this photo, I know it was a Japanese publication, so I'm sorry if it's yours but it struck me so soundly -- thank you].

August 18, 2009

Facebook Goes Pirate, Mateys!

I'm getting such a kick out of this new (beta) language setting on Facebook. Has anyone else found this yet? Does anyone know when this was released? Everyone is now a Capt'n, minutes are measured in shots o' rum, to "See More" is to "Peer into the depths". Want to leave a comment? "Weigh in" your vote!

It's going viral with my network of mateys and getting a high level of response. Who knew that Facebook got jokes?!? I love that people are excited about it. It's both entertaining and educational, and a totally clever way to re-engage your audience. This level of discovery is endless and while it was probably painstaking to go through and localize each data point, it was probably fun for the staff to come up with piratey words to replace "Wall" (Plank) or "Change your Settings" (Adjust your riggin's).

A disappointing change, however, is that My Profile is now "Me". Come on now, buckaneers. Shouldn't it be something like Master or Head Pirate??

I can see how this might get frustrating for those who don't understand the pirate lingo, but what better time than now to learn! Switch on over and impress your friends at how well you can navigate the networking waters.

I'm also interested to see what I've internalized as far as locating what I use frequently without having to actually read the words. This would be entirely impossible and frustrating if I found the Pirate setting at the same time Facebook launched their third large information architecture redesign. I would have walked the plank.

My favorite translation so far:
To "Like" something, a form of giving props or a thumbs up, is now a link called "Arr, this be pleasin' to me eye!"

Instructions on how to change your Facebook to Pirate: Sign in, click the "English (US)" link, find "English (Pirate)" and click it, and behold the glory of the merry language of the sea! Enjoy it while it lasts, because it's a beta version, meaning it's just being tested and is not a complete nor permanent feature.

August 17, 2009

Yet Another Girl Crush: Anna Sheffield

Potentially the most badass jewelry designer alive.

I love how her name sounds, I love her studio home, I love her tattoos, I love her jewelery, I love this following video on her website:

I have found that there is nothing more inspiring than reading about the journey of someone I admire. It's as if they're laying down the path for you as theoretically or realistically as you'd like to imagine it.

August 14, 2009

Nap With Me on my Porch?

[Sara Ahearn's home via decor8]

This is The Greatest Interiors Idea in the whole entire world. Two of my most favorite leisurely activities. Porchin' it + naps. IS IT NOT BRILLIANT.
From Sara: "... i especially loved the back porch because it felt like you were high up in a tree house when the leaves were out on the trees. i spent many lazy summer days relaxing out on the screened in porch reading and (confession…) napping! our guests were the lucky ones who got to spend the night in full view of the stars and wake up with the birds and morning sunshine." (Read the rest of Sara's description at Decor8.)

Happy Friday, dear friends! This week has merely been an elongated sigh between weekends for me, floating through each day dreaming of the weekend past and the weekend to arrive. And now it is here! I am determined to recreate the same ease emanating from the photograph above. If i had to guess, the recipe might call for something like this:

Porch-style Weekend Pie
  • 4 pints of beer
  • 2 hours of additional sleep per morning
  • Country Waffles All American Breakfast
  • 1 c fresh squeezed orange juice
  • 20 minutes of belly laughs [gradually added in increments of 2 min]
  • sprinkled with spontaneous naps [to taste]
  • light powder of housecleaning [optional]
Sounds delicious, no?

August 11, 2009

The Making of Baby Alex

I'm alive I'm alive, don't worry. By the title you probably think I've been away for the past week because I made a baby. Hah! No, I've actually been busy welcoming back my creative pulses, trying to squeeze them for every drop -- hopefully these lil lemons are here to stay for a while. Alex is the name of the new dresser we built last night!

I got these really neat drawers that seems nobody wants to get rid of on Craiglist because apparently they are that awesome. I've been eyeing the Alex drawers from IKEA for months now but being on a budget, never could justify the cost. But in the end, our trip to IKEA this weekend turned out to be a really good decision. I love that the portfolio drawers are wide enough to carry delicate pieces of paper for crafts, and sturdy enough to hold tools and knick knacks. Speaking of which, HOW in the HEYDIDDLE does all THAT fit into THAT box so neatly? It's a mystery. I took one look at that single bag of screws and said to myself, Crap. This is going to be fun. I ought to document this.

I laid out all the pieces for the photo but it turns out that doing that organized the whole process from the start so it was pretty easy to figure out what goes where with what when and how. I love when things work themselves out like that, don't you? So, I told Jason not to help me until he was done with his work, and one by one, we managed to piece the whole thing together in less than two hours.

In that two hour duration of building, I remember thinking to myself the following:
"Wow, it actually fits. "
"Smells slightly of Japan. "
"This is especially cool because I BUILT IT."

Ta-da! We even did it free of cursing and injuries. Isn't he adorable? I'm going to push him right under the desk there, and start putting away those cluster*#$! of paper [stage left] RIGHT NOW. Bye!

August 10, 2009

Old photos of my sisters

These photos can't have been from more than four years ago, but it seems so long ago that we've played around like this. Funny how some things seem more beautiful the further and further they get pushed into the past. Like how movies used to be "OMG$4.00AREYOUKIDDINGME?". Or how knocking out your two front teeth by falling from a tree really fucking hurts at the time, but now it's a good story. Or that tragic evening I ran away from home in the rain and I thought I would die but really it turned out to be a truly defining experience in my teen age.

These are my sisters. One is older and the other is younger -- we're no more than two years apart each and yes, we fought a lot. I probably started 90% of all those fights, of those, 99% involved smacking or throwing of objects. We really needed a brother.

See the entire set at my portfolio site. Comment on the grain and I will virtually throw a Rubix cube at you.