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August 19, 2012

Marjo Loponen of I Am Not Your Type

I was educated in graphic design but I've drifted from that line of work as of late. Honestly it's been a while since I've seen anything fresh, but the work of Marjo Loponen really caught my eye. Seems like he can really do anything with any idea. I'll be watching this recent Helsinki / London / Sydney grad, as should you!

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August 2, 2012

Vanessa Hernandez of The Vaguely

Let's get back to lettering. The Vaguely is a tactile design studio by Vanessa Hernandez down in LA. She does all kinds of work but most notable is her lettering style, IMHO. Fluid, clean, funky. Keep it up, sister.

As a kid I collected precious things. Precious to me, like stickers, Sobe drink labels, paper goods... and I still have this one sheet of unused gold leaf, never having any use for it, never knowing when I'll need it. Came across this video from Emmadime's blog and not only is this woman's work utterly stellar, it brought me way back to the little things I valued as a young buck, without knowing I still value it today. So, thanks Vanessa, for the moment of nostalgia.

Check a look at this:


NoMad Hotel NYC

Oh, New York. How you steal my heart.

All 168 rooms of this French-inspired hotel just opened in the Flatiron neighborhood of NYC and I think it's time to take a trip. This hotel was brought to you by the Syndell Group, of course, the same developers that also developed my favorite Ace Hotel. I'll have to dedicate a week of posts to explain why I love the Ace.

I'm on the brink of incomprehension when looking at these beautifully balanced interiors. My brain responds with sounds like "It's like... ch....what?....that's so... wow.... derrr".  What I see is so clearly masculine yet perfectly feminine at the same time. With room names like Classic, Atelier, Grande, Salon, Royale, Atrium it's hard to imagine NOT feeling like a pure European badass in the NoMad Hotel.

I'd recommend starting with this promo video:
via Jetsetter and NoMad Hotel