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August 22, 2008

Photos Channel Redesign

A huge huge redesign. My first big user interface design project and I found myself really enjoying the brain aches of trying to organize the information in the most friendly, intuitive, efficient and sensible order. Comprised of over 11 main pages, the engineering team did a fantastic (and difficult) job of following the mockups and making it happen.

Stats show a significant increase in photos channel views, ratings and comments overall, especially on ArtBistro's portfolios. Take a look!

August 1, 2008

Major Update

Hi all! Yes, I'm alive. Yes, I've been working. Here's a few recent showable designs that I've done here at Affinity Labs / Monster Worldwide. Other things are user interface design like forms and such that are hard work but not as visually interesting to the fresh eye. =)

Quick flyer for my friend at Beachside Recycling down in LA.
Distribution 10,000 manu
facturing businesses in Orange County.

A social networking site for administrative professionals.
Color scheme and logo design.
A social networking site for women professionals.
Color scheme and logo redesign. The previous skin was mainly black with pink highlights and felt too 'stripperish' for professionals.
Law Enforcement Education landing page.
Logo and skin design.

Otherwise, I'm finally comfortable working here in San Francisco and living in Emeryville - it's been six months since I made The Big Move mid-March. Most of the time I'm here at the office (and occasionally happy hour!) with my awesome co-workers. On the weekends I'm either visiting my parents in Davis, doing weekendy things with Jason, or going on a mini trip to the beach or camping or tahoe or something... I've been looking at cars lately (! Milan? A CAR!?) and hopefully will start shopping this month.

On an inner level I've been very careful about adjusting, almost to the point of being on guard all the time. I'm tired. My new mantra is "be open and others will open to you".

More to come, I hope!