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August 2, 2012

NoMad Hotel NYC

Oh, New York. How you steal my heart.

All 168 rooms of this French-inspired hotel just opened in the Flatiron neighborhood of NYC and I think it's time to take a trip. This hotel was brought to you by the Syndell Group, of course, the same developers that also developed my favorite Ace Hotel. I'll have to dedicate a week of posts to explain why I love the Ace.

I'm on the brink of incomprehension when looking at these beautifully balanced interiors. My brain responds with sounds like "It's like... ch....what?....that's so... wow.... derrr".  What I see is so clearly masculine yet perfectly feminine at the same time. With room names like Classic, Atelier, Grande, Salon, Royale, Atrium it's hard to imagine NOT feeling like a pure European badass in the NoMad Hotel.

I'd recommend starting with this promo video:
via Jetsetter and NoMad Hotel



  1. Very fashionable hotel! I like the hotel's design. I'm not much of a traveler, but stories like this always make me want to travel. I'd fit right into the hotel, if only I had the cash to live large. Then again, the room looks utterly adorable. Thank you for sharing.

    Hotel New York

    1. Thanks Herbert! Glad you like. It makes me want to live large too :)