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October 19, 2009

Monday Morning Meandering

[image from The Thinking Tank]

Monday 8 A.M. At the office early. I love it when the pigeons swoop by the windows in huge flocks -- I can't hear them but I see them out of the corner of my eye. Never quite turn on the camera fast enough.

So far, this morning was full of the following:

• An everything bagel with cream cheese and honey lemon tea. Opted not for the coffee that I think makes me highly grumplestiltskin.
• Photographers Jonas Peterson and Mikael Kennedy make me ache for my camera and the outdoors.
• My friend Justin invited me to Google Wave (!) so I watched two quick tutorials. So much to absorb. Huge learning curve if you're not already web app saavy, and I consider myself to be medium skilled. Regardless, I'm so stoked to practice using this collaborative tool with some friends of mine. Wave at me if you have it!
• IKEA hack by one of my fav bloggers, for me, for you.
• Collaborative column about being recently self-employed between Mint Design and Pitch Design Union. If there's one thing that's bittersweet about this economy, is the emerging potential for greatness and goodwill we are seeing in people these days.
• Paper paper paper. Researching a possible visual identity for myself. Requesting some quotes for a thank you note card from a couple of letterpress stationary designers -- so far it's looking pricey but worth it!

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