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September 8, 2009

Our "3th" Adventure Around the Sun


I can't imagine an anniversary celebration topping this last one at year 3. We might have to call it quits while we're ahead! Just kidding. But really, it was that relaxing. By the photos above you might think that we were in the company of royalty in Ireland for the Labor Day weekend but in reality, we stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay for one night. It was misty but not cold, which was actually perfect for napping on the sand. We had our own firepit on our porch where we watched golfers while sipping wine and discussing ways to jump into the hole in the bush that was our view. We made much needed visits to the beach to and from the resort, a must for the few weeks of Indian summer we have left.

Highlights: Bathing in BVLGARI soaps and shampoos, dining at the Navio brunch buffet and receiving a complimentary (and endearingly misspelled) box of chocolates, contemplating the ocean from a bench on a cliff, oh, and this drive-by shot of dinosaurs at Half Moon Bay!!!

Dinosaurs rock.

Lord knows I've mentioned him once or twice before, so I won't try to make you barf over about how much I love this man. I just hope that he knows how much. More than fresh dill. More than getting mail.

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