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February 27, 2009

Last night at The Pad before relocating to Pad v.2. I am doing some first/last minute "packing" to make it easier for the kind people who are helping me move tomorrow, my beau, my little sister, my friend and my beau's bro. I quote "packing" because it's not really your typical wrap-in-newspaper-and-fit-nicely-in-a-cardboard-box, I really only have one box that's like that.

I've CRAMMED my ish into every single sturdy clothing bag I saved, every large oversized bag, every plastic bin and decorative basket I own. One box. It's really remarkable and I have to say I am impressed with myself how organized these little bundles are.

We've got scarves and belts and gloves in one Equinox gym drawstring bag from Equinox. Over here we've got an IKEA basket filled with my brave plants. Some bundles have welcomed random categories of objects, for example in the Brooklyn Industries diaper bag I've wedged in three other purses, and a box of my CDs. My favorite collection is the Zara paper bag full of giveaway merchandise for my little sister in honor of her first visit to my apartment of this past year, ON THE DAY I MOVE. Everything will be dismantled and empty but I guess she'll be able to see the kitchen appliances that came with the place?

March 2008 ( more like August, since I couldn't really afford luxuries like IKEA shelves and plants until then)

March 2009. Sayonara Emeryville.

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