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February 22, 2010

Bigger and bigger and better

So I know it's been a while since I last wrote about our new place. My apologies. These photos are of the first couple of weeks, and now, three months later, things are so different and more filled in.

This new apartment we're living in is a 'soft loft' and not knowing what that means is kind of silly of me. So I made up my own definition that may or may not be correct. A "soft loft" is mix between an apartment and a loft, whose differences are defined in space and ceiling height. This apartment feels like a loft because it has 9' 7" ceilings, and 7'3" tall windows, but feels like a regular apartment because it has separate rooms and carpet.

 But o boy the walls, the walls. I have never had to decorate a large wall like that before. Wait, no, I lie. My mom still gets on my case about my old bedroom, a wall of which I painted a dusty rose color and on top of that a dead white tree. Thing is, my roller couldn't reach all the way up to the 9 ft ceilings and so there's a good foot of ragged, uneven white space at the top. Momma was not happy.

We've painted the den a pretty pale blue, and a few walls bright white. I'd really like to paint a large canvas with Jase as one of our home projects we do together. Looking for inspiration, please shoot any and all beautiful ideas my way!

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  1. Your apartment looks amazing. I'll trade you my dresser for those windows (and all that space).