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January 6, 2010

Chevrons on the Wall

(photo via Sabbespot via Stephmodo)

I love Sabbespot's idea for contact paper chevrons on her wall. The only problem is deciding which wall to try it on... perhaps beneath the counter??

Or how about these distressed chevron picture frames? A perfect balance between graphic and vintage; just my style.


  1. don't do it on drywall! people are telling me it will mess it up. beware:) sorry! I have plaster walls and didn't think to mention that.

    thanks for posting!

    I felt like I should warn you. I am now concerned there are a bunch of women about to ruin their walls because of me!!

  2. =) Thanks stephanie for the warning! I plan on doing it on plastered interior walls that are already painted... think that'll be ok?

    Great execution, and great blog :)

  3. Oh wait.. wait.. no... it's drywall. :)

    • Level-4 smooth drywall finish