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November 30, 2009

Capturing memories

I wish that we all had better memories. On the drive up to and down from Tahoe this weekend, we saw brilliant lights I'd like to never forget. I'm never the one driving (can't really drive) so I'm lucky enough to be able to stare at passing scenery for long periods of time. This time we watched the only cloud on the horizon turn from dark grey to hot pink-orange against an equally transforming sky. As the sun rose, the world turned orange, blue-green, and finally blue, creeping so slowly we barely noticed it.

I stared so long at those clouds as if to memorize it, hoping maybe we could paint it on a canvas, but I think also I didn't take a picture of it because I knew that it could only by captured by looking at the real deal. Y'know that's always the case too -- as soon as I pull out my iPhone the freeway walls block my view and the moment passes. For. E. Ver. Cameras sometimes act counter-intuitively to nature... but what else can we really do to remember something important...

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