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November 2, 2009

Bicycle Love

I know I had a bike on my wishlist before but I found another one! I really would love a bicycle to have and to hold, to ride and to cherish. So much that I would vow to lock it up each time so that it doesn't get stolen like those other three.*

 All I need is $600. Fundraiser?

*I grew up in Davis which is possibly the most friendly, safe town on the West coast. Unfortunately, it is also the "bike capital of the world", so free bikes were rarely overlooked. A-holes.

Found some new links for custom bikes that are just as beautiful, and some are twice as expensive!
Bilenky Cycle Works  

(via Another Something

But this practical suggestion by my friend @nnnich seems to be the winner: Cycles of Change APC. It's a non-profit community org in my local community that offers services like used bike sales, youth and adult job training, an earn-a-bike program, field trips and a repair shop! I'll definitely have to check it out.

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