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October 5, 2009

Who says print is dead?

"...Biggest one-day bloodbath in the publishing company’s 100-year history."

It's all over Twitter. With today's announcement of Conde Nast "axing" four of its titles, the world of print is trembling in their paper boots.. I'm writing to tell you to have a little hope! Be a little innovative! Sure times are rough, but all the more reason to look for those little opportunities.

I stumbled upon MagCloud this morning, an online-submit print-to-order magazine publishing tool. Along with hundreds of other photographers, Derek Powzawek took advantage of the eerie dust storm that covered Sydney last month to create a 40-page publication in 31.5 hours. Uh-amazing? Mostly because I could do that too? And so could you? Yeah.

At 20 cents a page, and print to order model, it's pretty affordable and capable of high-volume. Got a story to tell, and 48 hours to spare? Publish a mag! Read about more benefits and how MagCloud works here.

In the same vein, have you seen the new issue of Lonny Magazine? Of course you have, it's all over the blogsphere. Published by two ex-editors of the highly mourned Domino magazine (also closed by Conde Nast earlier this year), Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline, this is new ground for home decor publications. They've laid out the magazine format over an online platform, making possibilities endless, complete with clickable retail/shop links when you hover over images, zoom and a print option. I don't know how this mag is going to make money, but it's going to get a heap of page views!

"OUR MISSION is to reopen the doors of accessible design. By embracing an online platform we provide inspiration at the click of a finger, directly connecting our readers to their favorite products and resources. Our freedom from page limits means that we can share more content in each issue, delivering an intimate look into the way people really live." - m.a. belle

One complaint I have is the decision to stick to an 8x11" page format -- it doesn't translate on screen and every time I want to read something I have to zoom in. I suppose it's not a website, and encourages printing, but it seems a bit grey to me.

Anyway, alls I'm saying is keep yer chins up, print peeps. There are business models and new technology for the taking, we just need to realize it. If we think of ends as beginnings, maybe it won't seem so sad...

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