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April 20, 2009

Monday, Monday Monday


Did everyone in have a nice weekend? I did. Hitched a ride to my hometown Davis to spend the day with my mom and our family dog, Clover, who has a tumor and unfortunately is not doing well. Mom cooked her magical dishes (seriously, they barely have anything in their fridge yet she always somehow throws something totally tasty together!), and watched a bunch of movies On-Demand. Took the train back to the bay to meet Jason and we spent a bit of it outdoors to bask in the first warm weekend of the season (whilst trying my best to withstand the allergies that started to invade my nose), and then a little lollying about watching TV, and then heading to a Killers concert down in San Jose. GREAT performance, bravo.

I'm in Newport Beach for a conference Tuesday and Wednesday. It's my very first business related trip and I couldn't feel more like a young'un right now. I suppose I could just make the best of this 'novice' feeling and be honest about it. "Hey, I'm Milan, and I'm a total newb, please hold my hand." Just kidding. I'm actually quite excited to learn more about usability trends and the workshop on Wireframing and Prototyping. From the Web App Summit website:

Top designers will tell you the secret is in great wireframes and prototypes. They use these tools as renderings of their concepts, documentation for the team, and platforms for collecting feedback from their users. With the right toolbox of techniques, the team can begin to visualize their design ideas from day one.

In other matters, it was 98 degrees out here when my plane landed. And it's normally rainy season this time of year. Curious...

The hotel room is super nice, admittedly the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in yet, but I should add that I don't get out too much, and when I do it's super budget. There are six really fluffy pillows on the bed - six too many for me, really, but I look forward to throwing them on the floor. There's a flat screen TV that I am about to go watch, which must mean that I have reached my last resort.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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