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January 21, 2009

Counting the Days, Just For the Heck of It

An idea came to me today. Sparked from several points (stumbling upon Daytum, spending a day Debbie having awesomely fragmented and non-linear conversations, and from another conversation about how up and down and relationships over lunch with my friend Krystle today) my new idea is: What if rated every day of my life on a scale of 1-10 and visually mapped the progression and the factors that affect the rating? There could be multiple variables that affect what makes my day good or bad like whether or not I socialized that day, or had a good meal or went to work. Ultimately, I would have the facts to make general conclusions about what makes me happy. Of course, I should know that by now through existing but I like to think that this evidence will come in handy when I have one of those conversations that go like "Milan, are you happy? [me: Yes.] Really though, are you? [me: Um, duuuh! See the chart!?]" What now!

I originally wanted to map the waves that my relationship with J tend to follow and study the types of issues, or 'wavelengths' and "amplitudes', and the high points (peaks) and the low points (troughs), but then I realized he miiiiight not appreciate me analyzing the intimacies of our life to that extent, esp if I have the intention of making it public.

Right now, I know I am at a high point in my life, but last month I was at an all time low. I know the peak of this ride will only last so long, but I'm curious, for how long and how high? How long and how low will my lows be? Will they lessen in frequency or will they lengthen in time? What is the meaning of life and why isn't it in the dictionary?

I've always been interested in information, growth and relationships between them. In elementary school I like to create my own roster of my classmates that rated who I thought was funny or cute or smart or all of the above. I used to draw a diagrams after diagrams of the interior of my room to see what worked best. For godssakes, I was an information freak. Reminder to myself to share some of the cool infographics I've found on the internets. Stay tuned..


  1. I thought about doing something like this, but I think that looking at recent data can influence your current results, like if you see that you've been unhappy lately, you tell yourself to be more positive. So that may or may not be a good thing.

    And I also agree about how much of my life I'm willing to make public, so for me, I don't think I would want people to know that I had been sad or angry or whatever for a long period of time.

  2. =) I think that's absolutely nothing wrong with telling yourself to be more positive, especially if it results in you being actually happy!

  3. ps) I suppose for me, it would be a method of self-reflection and quick journaling. True, I wouldn't want it to be public necessarily, but that's a a simple design problem (public/private)

  4. GAH! My coworker just showed me an app that is basically my idea above.. but better. *poo*

  5. Two-ninety-nine?!

    Just noticed that this blog post was made almost two years ago. haha.