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December 22, 2008

My Sister is Engaged!

Congratulations, Raymond and Maichi! She is first one in our family to take that wonderful step towards eternal unification.

Symbollically (vs. technically), marriage has always been a goal for me. Given good timing and readiness, to find that person that you declare as your life partner is beautiful thing. I always thought that as soon as you know it, you know it. But I have also learned that it is not easy, and it doesn't necessarily come naturally nor clearly. While it is brave to believe in that kind of effortless love, I find it brave to also admit that it takes a lot more work than you might be ready for. I don't know the answers, but in my experience there will be pivotal points where one feels to quit. But when you shake off the fears and open the doors, the belief in love is restored and then the two can continue forth even stronger and happier than before. When you find that person, hang on for the ride.

So here's to the journey, Maichi and Raymond! I hope that you two are excited for the many adventures you have in store together.

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